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Nutrition Information

At the beginning of each recipe we have included the type of nutrition analysis you now find on most packaged foods. The amounts are for one serving. The values come from various sources, including reference books and internet sites, and we believe they are reasonably accurate for most purposes. However, for several reasons, it is difficult to be precise. For example, a fair part of the salt in a can of beans is in the liquid. So, if you discard the liquid, how much sodium is left in the beans? I called several manufacturers and was told they simply do not have that information. A similar situation involves marinades. Obviously, much of the fat, salt and other items in a marinade are discarded, but just as obviously some remain on the meat. Whenever possible I measured the amount of marinade when it was made then measured the amount discarded and assumed the difference was in the dish. I believe that produces a reasonable estimate, but one that is not absolutely precise. The point of this explanation is to inform those of you for whom the content of one item or another is of critical importance that the calculations may not be accurate enough for your purposes. In that case, you need to make your own determinations.

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